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Call Of The Wild

Today Charla and I went on a field trip with our local Family Center. These field trips are free and we could sign up for three. So, I picked one for each of the summer months figuring it would be something different to do. This months was a hike through a reserved nature area. The beginning of it was a little above her. The leader handed out magnifying glasses and let the kids walk around and look at different flowers, bugs and grass. Charla kept putting her magnifying glass directly on whatever it was she was trying to see, it was so cute! When I would try to show her how to look at things further away, she would push my hand away and say “me do”.

After poking around in a field, the leader took us over to a grove of apple trees. Once again Charla seemed a little young for this activity. She was supposed to poke around the dirt and look for different bugs and check out the apples hanging on the trees. Her and I mostly just walked around and picked up sticks. She did like feeling the bark on the trees and finding leaves on the ground. One of the kids in our group found a worm, but that kid was then swarmed with a mass of other kids, so Charla never got close enough to check it out.

Next we started walking along a trail and this is when Charla really started having a fun time. One of Charla’s most favorite things to do is go for walks and being able to walk along a dirt trail just added to the fun. We got to see a little waterfall, walk over a wooden bridge and look at some turtles sunning themselves on a log. We didn’t get to walk too far along the trail because this tour only lasted one hour and it was a little buggy with all the rain we’ve been getting lately. I definitely want to take Charla back there sometime in the near future.


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Dixie Doo

We adopted a lab/beagle mix from the Humane Society almost 4 years ago. More than likely she was abused as a puppy. When we first brought her home, she was terrified of men. She wouldn’t go near my dad or grandpa at all and was a little skittish around Tim. She is such a quiet dog. Most of the day she spends napping on the couch like a cat. She will even allow one of our cats to lick out her ears!

Due to the fact that she was a bit shy and 3 years old when we adopted her, she had been in the system for awhile. In fact, she had been moved from shelter to shelter and even came to our state from a neighboring state! She had been adopted out and then returned with the comment that she was too much work. This was all very sad because when we met her she proved to be such a sweet dog.

She is now 7 years old and still the sweetest thing you will ever meet. She has opened up to people so much more. If my parents or grandparents stop by our house, she will dance by the front door and be so excited to see them. She is also so gentle and caring to Charla. She has allowed Charla to climb on her, kiss her, brush her fur and so much more. I never had a dog as a child, so this has been so special for me to see.

I guess there’s no point to this post really. I just saw her sleeping on the couch across the room and realized what an important member of the family she is.

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Today marks the first day in which my daughter showed some opinion about her looks. She’s never minded me doing her hair. I’ll often ask her if she wants me to put it in a ponytail or put a clip in and she’ll tell me yes. Today however, I asked her if she wanted a clip in and she said “yes, Charla get it”. So I handed her the bowl with her clips in and pointed out the blue clip with the butterfly on it. She has a blue dress on today so I thought that one would look cute. That clip was not the clip she wanted though, she wanted the orange clip. So I put the orange clip in her hair and she was so proud to be wearing that clip! She kept telling me “orange clip in hair”. No, it doesn’t match her dress since her dress is a bright blue and the clip is a bright orange, but oh well. This will be the first of many appearance/style choices she will make that I will think are insane!

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The Blues

It appears that I didn’t get pregnant this month….again. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. We’ve been trying since December 2009 and back then I really thought we would be ending the summer by welcoming a new addition to the family. It appears we will be ending the summer without that addition even on the way. It’s discouraging, disappointing and saddening. I remember Christmas shopping for Charla last year thinking about how this coming Christmas I would be shopping for 2 children. Not going to happen. I really wanted the kids to be close to 2.5 years apart, now they will be at the least 3 years apart. I bought Charla a Big Sister t-shirt back in February/March thinking she would be wearing it this summer. Nope, she’s probably going to have pretty much outgrown it before I can even put it on her, if I’m ever able to put it on her.

Good news would have been so nice this month. Something to look forward to. Something to get us through this winter with Tim being laid off again. Obviously I could still become pregnant before winter hits, but right now I just feel hopeless. The news of not being pregnant is just the tip of the iceberg. It seems to be the straw that broke the camels back so to speak, regarding my emotional state and stress level. My thoughts start going places I don’t want them to go. I don’t want to feel so upset about something. I don’t want to take it out on Charla. Even if I’m not taking it out on her in such a way as to be mean, I still feel like I’m taking it out on her by not enjoying her the way I should. I feel like I’ve been looking forward too much lately instead of seeing what I have right in front of me.

I need to regroup and figure out what I want. I need to continue enjoying my life without having this huge dip at the end of every month. It’s just so so so hard.

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Who Cares About the Tub When There’s a Tornado Coming!

Yesterday turned out to be far more interesting than simply the bathtub not draining! Right before lunch, Tim got the pipes cleared and the tub started working again, yay! Well, not really. What happened was he pushed whatever was clogging the tub into the bathroom sink pipe. So, he had to cut more holes in the drywall ceiling in our basement and try to get that pipe unclogged. However, it didn’t seem to be clogging the pipe that was leading up from the basement, the problem seemed to be located closer to the sink. Cue cutting hole in the wall to get to the pipe behind the sink.

While all this was going on, I noticed our neighbor had moved his car from the street to his garage. He never does this unless bad weather is on the way. It was starting to look a little dark outside so I went online to check things out. What would you know, it’s a tornado warning! We were under a watch but the county next to us was under a warning and it was headed in our direction. So I let Tim know that he didn’t need to worry about repairing the drywall because our house was going to blow away.

It got pretty nasty outside. There was constant thunder and then the tornado sirens started going off. The sky got really dark and then all of a sudden it looked like it was turning white. I asked Tim what was going on out there and he said, “oh, that sometimes happens right before the tornado hits”. I grabbed Charla, piled together a bunch of stuff I thought we might need in case we decided to go downstairs and waited to see where this tornado was going to head. In the end, there never was a touchdown, just a lot of rotation. Most of the rotation was a little south of us, so we never did go to the basement. Oh, and Tim did get the plumbing fixed, so we now have draining sink, tub and toilet that will hopefully stay that way for awhile!

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That Darn Bathtub

Honestly, if it’s not one thing around here it’s another.

The bathtub has been draining slowly over the last week. This happens every now and again. Usually we can just plunge it a little and it will start draining normally again. Well, that hasn’t been helping this time. Finally this morning it decided to not drain at all. So, Tim has been working on it for the last 3 hours trying to find what is clogging the pipes. He has ripped open the ceiling in the basement, taken apart plumbing pipes and still the tub refuses to drain. This is one headache we really don’t need right now. Not only has Tim not been able to work all day, but if we end up having to hire a plumber to come fix it, I don’t know how we’re going to pay him! I really try not to get worked up over things like this but honestly, can’t we have a bit of luck at all?!

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Night at the Fair

We had an amazing time at the fair last night! First we met up my mom and dad at their house. We had wanted to go together to the fair last year, but we got rained out. So, this year, we had our fingers crossed that the rain would hold off, and it did. The first thing we did when we got there was go to the Midway. Last year, the only ride Charla did was the merry-go-round. She really enjoyed that ride but, since she was only 14 months old, there weren’t many more options for her. This year though, she dove right in!

We started her off on the merry-go-round and once again she loved it. After that I took her on the teacup ride. When it first started I was worried that the G-force would be too much for her. Nope, not at all. In fact, she told me to let go of the rotating wheel because she wanted to turn it! I was trying to hold us in place so we just went around the big circle but didn’t spin. Once Charla got a hold of it though, we were spinning quite quickly!

Next was a train ride. This ride was pretty tame. It was just a small train that went around and around the track. The best part about this ride for Charla was waving at her Papa’s and Daddy as we went by. There was also a bridge type thing that we went under which she enjoyed.

The last ride we took her on was the Tilt-a-Whirl. I had my doubts about this one. It’s definitely more of “ride” than any of the others. I told her we were going to spin around fast and she would have to hang onto the handlebar. She kept saying that she wanted to try it. We stood in line and she watched what it did and she still said she wanted to go on. I think it shocked her a little bit when it first started, but when it was over she was smiling and said it was fun. She is going to be like her father. He enjoys rides. As for me, well, let’s just say the Tilt-a-Whirl was enough!

We walked over to the barns to check out the animals. She saw a lot of cows, some sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens and geese. The animals were neat but not too big of a deal to her. There was a horse show going on by the stables so we watched that for a bit. She kept saying “the cows are running” and we kept saying “no, those are horses, not cows”!

All in all, everyone had a wonderful time. Next up is the State Fair in about 2 weeks!

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Hard Times

It feels like a Saturday. Probably because Tim is home on lay-off (again) and because we have plans tonight to go to a county fair. I’m definitely excited to go to the fair, but I’ve also got a lot on my mind. It’s scary to be looking straight into the face of yet another winter with limited or no employment for Tim. This has been going on now since I found out I was pregnant with Charla in late 2007. I feel like we’ve done our bit of hard time and we deserve something better. Life keeps moving on but it’s times like this that make it seem like all we do is work to keep a roof over our head and food in our bellies.

I could really use a bit of good news this month and I’m hoping it’s going to come in the form of finding out I’m pregnant with our second child. We have been trying since December 2009 and so far haven’t had any luck. Perhaps part of our struggleĀ  is due to the stress of our current situation, who knows. I just really wish this month will be our month and we can finally give our daughter a brother or sister. Depending on the state of the economy in a couple of years, this may very well be our last baby. There’s always the hope that there could be one more, but not the way things are right now. Currently it will be tight to provide for two children, but I feel overall, Charla having a sibling relatively close in age will be worth it in the end.

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