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Hard Times

It feels like a Saturday. Probably because Tim is home on lay-off (again) and because we have plans tonight to go to a county fair. I’m definitely excited to go to the fair, but I’ve also got a lot on my mind. It’s scary to be looking straight into the face of yet another winter with limited or no employment for Tim. This has been going on now since I found out I was pregnant with Charla in late 2007. I feel like we’ve done our bit of hard time and we deserve something better. Life keeps moving on but it’s times like this that make it seem like all we do is work to keep a roof over our head and food in our bellies.

I could really use a bit of good news this month and I’m hoping it’s going to come in the form of finding out I’m pregnant with our second child. We have been trying since December 2009 and so far haven’t had any luck. Perhaps part of our struggle┬á is due to the stress of our current situation, who knows. I just really wish this month will be our month and we can finally give our daughter a brother or sister. Depending on the state of the economy in a couple of years, this may very well be our last baby. There’s always the hope that there could be one more, but not the way things are right now. Currently it will be tight to provide for two children, but I feel overall, Charla having a sibling relatively close in age will be worth it in the end.


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