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Who Cares About the Tub When There’s a Tornado Coming!

Yesterday turned out to be far more interesting than simply the bathtub not draining! Right before lunch, Tim got the pipes cleared and the tub started working again, yay! Well, not really. What happened was he pushed whatever was clogging the tub into the bathroom sink pipe. So, he had to cut more holes in the drywall ceiling in our basement and try to get that pipe unclogged. However, it didn’t seem to be clogging the pipe that was leading up from the basement, the problem seemed to be located closer to the sink. Cue cutting hole in the wall to get to the pipe behind the sink.

While all this was going on, I noticed our neighbor had moved his car from the street to his garage. He never does this unless bad weather is on the way. It was starting to look a little dark outside so I went online to check things out. What would you know, it’s a tornado warning! We were under a watch but the county next to us was under a warning and it was headed in our direction. So I let Tim know that he didn’t need to worry about repairing the drywall because our house was going to blow away.

It got pretty nasty outside. There was constant thunder and then the tornado sirens started going off. The sky got really dark and then all of a sudden it looked like it was turning white. I asked Tim what was going on out there and he said, “oh, that sometimes happens right before the tornado hits”. I grabbed Charla, piled together a bunch of stuff I thought we might need in case we decided to go downstairs and waited to see where this tornado was going to head. In the end, there never was a touchdown, just a lot of rotation. Most of the rotation was a little south of us, so we never did go to the basement. Oh, and Tim did get the plumbing fixed, so we now have draining sink, tub and toilet that will hopefully stay that way for awhile!


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