July 26, 2010 mommytobeaver

Today marks the first day in which my daughter showed some opinion about her looks. She’s never minded me doing her hair. I’ll often ask her if she wants me to put it in a ponytail or put a clip in and she’ll tell me yes. Today however, I asked her if she wanted a clip in and she said “yes, Charla get it”. So I handed her the bowl with her clips in and pointed out the blue clip with the butterfly on it. She has a blue dress on today so I thought that one would look cute. That clip was not the clip she wanted though, she wanted the orange clip. So I put the orange clip in her hair and she was so proud to be wearing that clip! She kept telling me “orange clip in hair”. No, it doesn’t match her dress since her dress is a bright blue and the clip is a bright orange, but oh well. This will be the first of many appearance/style choices she will make that I will think are insane!


Entry Filed under: They Grow Up So Fast

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