Call Of The Wild

July 30, 2010 mommytobeaver

Today Charla and I went on a field trip with our local Family Center. These field trips are free and we could sign up for three. So, I picked one for each of the summer months figuring it would be something different to do. This months was a hike through a reserved nature area. The beginning of it was a little above her. The leader handed out magnifying glasses and let the kids walk around and look at different flowers, bugs and grass. Charla kept putting her magnifying glass directly on whatever it was she was trying to see, it was so cute! When I would try to show her how to look at things further away, she would push my hand away and say “me do”.

After poking around in a field, the leader took us over to a grove of apple trees. Once again Charla seemed a little young for this activity. She was supposed to poke around the dirt and look for different bugs and check out the apples hanging on the trees. Her and I mostly just walked around and picked up sticks. She did like feeling the bark on the trees and finding leaves on the ground. One of the kids in our group found a worm, but that kid was then swarmed with a mass of other kids, so Charla never got close enough to check it out.

Next we started walking along a trail and this is when Charla really started having a fun time. One of Charla’s most favorite things to do is go for walks and being able to walk along a dirt trail just added to the fun. We got to see a little waterfall, walk over a wooden bridge and look at some turtles sunning themselves on a log. We didn’t get to walk too far along the trail because this tour only lasted one hour and it was a little buggy with all the rain we’ve been getting lately. I definitely want to take Charla back there sometime in the near future.


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