August 4, 2010 mommytobeaver
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We seem to have hit another rough patch with Charla. Every few months something like this shows up. After a couple of weeks things settle down and I notice that she’s made another milestone. I’m expecting that this time we will come out the other side with full sentences. She has been stringing together 4-5 words lately and has begun to sort out the “you, me, I” nouns. I cannot even begin to say how excited I am to hear her talk and express herself more. I can’t wait to hear her sing songs, hold conversations with her stuffed animals or tell me what is on her mind. I know we have about another year yet before all of that is realized, but this journey is amazing!

During these weeks of turmoil, I have learned that the best thing to do is avoid argument and keep my temper. Keeping my temper does not mean that I don’t get angry. There are times when I would like nothing more than to scream back at her or even, in my darker moments, give her a little slap. I have been known to shout and slam doors. Slamming doors has always been my thing. My way of releasing energy and letting the people around me know I’m mad. I am proud to say though that I have never struck Charla and hope that I never will.

I keep reminding myself that these are all phases that every one of us has gone through. It is so normal for her to get mad and frustrated. This is as much a part of her development as learning to walk and talk. What I need to do is enjoy all the good times we have together, and there are a lot of good times!


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