August 6, 2010 mommytobeaver

Tonight marks a huge milestone for our family. This is Charla’s first night in her big girl bed! No longer is she my baby sleeping in her crib. She is now a full fledged toddler. The bottles were the first to go when she was 14 months old. Shortly before she turned 21 months old, we got rid of the diapers. Tonight, just 1 week before she turns 27 months old, she is out of her crib.

She was so excited to sleep in her big girl bed. I’ve been talking about it with her for about a week now. Tonight Tim and I had some free time to get her crib converted, so we went for it. The whole time we were changing her crib over, she was talking about how she was done with the crib and it was changing to a bed. She climbed on and off that bed for a full 30 minutes once we were done. We talked on the webcam with Papa and Papa Jack (aka grandma and grandpa) and she showed them how she got on and off. When bedtime came around we went through our routine like normal. In the end though, instead of me giving her a kiss and lifting over the side of the crib, she got down off my lap, walked over to her bed and crawled up to lay down. I covered her and bent over to give my big girl a kiss good night.

Little does she know though, she will always be my baby.


Entry Filed under: They Grow Up So Fast

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