Date Night!

August 16, 2010 mommytobeaver

Saturday night, Charla slept over at her aunt and uncles for the first time. This was her first time sleeping away from home without mom and dad. I was going back and forth on whether or not to let her do this for the last week. Mostly because of the issues we’ve had at night lately and her need to sleep with approximately 1 million kleenex. Tim was the one really pushing for this. He wanted to have an evening for ourselves, to be able to stay out later and do more adult things. I thought she was probably too young and would wake up in the middle of the night crying inconsolably.

Charla was very excited to go. She kept talking about how she was going to sleep over at aunt RyRy and uncle RyRy’s townhouse. I would ask her when mommy would be back to get her and she would say “after nap”! She cried a little bit when I left her there Saturday afternoon but then after 5 minutes or so she was fine. They took her swimming, went for a walk, played with chalk and it sounded like they all had a good time. The afternoon wasn’t what I was worried about though!

I got a text message shortly after Charla’s bedtime to say that everything had went fine! I was so relieved but knew that things could still go south sometime in the middle of the night. Tim and I had a wonderful time. We went to a discount home remodeling supply store to check out some flooring for our kitchen and front entry way. We had dinner at a sit down adult restaurant and then went walking in a park by Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful night and we didn’t get home until 9:30pm which seemed super late to us! It was weird going to bed knowing Charla wasn’t in the house but I slept well and got to sleep in until 9am, which hasn’t happened in ages.

We went to pick Charla up at 10:30am. She was happy to see us but said that she didn’t want to go home. Her night went really well. She slept through and when she woke in the morning she called for aunt RyRy. So it went as well as could be expected and I think we’re going to have her sleep over again soon. Perhaps the end of September or early October.


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