Making Friends

August 20, 2010 mommytobeaver

One of the most enjoyable parts of motherhood, for me, is watching Charla create relationships with others. Nothing will warm my heart faster than watching her play with her grandparents or aunt and uncle. Now that she getting older, she has started showing an interest in other children her age as well.

About 2 months ago she started preschool. I signed her up for 2 mornings per week because I thought it would be good for her. It was a bit of a tough transition for her and still is at times. However, every time I pick her up she goes on and on about her friends. Now she is even starting to name some of her most favorite friends. On Wednesday when I picked her up, she went up to a little boy and gave him a huge hug good-bye. A few mornings ago when I was dropping her off, a little girl saw Charla come in the room and her face lit up, it was obvious Charla was one of her friends! These are such adorable little relationships.

Today I took Charla to the park and there were 2 little girls there as well. They were probably 1-2 years older than Charla. The oldest of the 2 desperately wanted to play with Charla. She kept asking Charla to come play with her. Since Charla is still just in the very beginnings of socialization, she was a bit cautious and would follow along for a bit and then wander off to do something on her own. This was actually fine with the older girl who would basically just fall back for a little bit and then come over to see if Charla wanted to do something else. At one point they were going up to the slide together. Charla was having a bit of difficulty on a stair so she reached her hand toward the little girl and asked for help. The little girl took Charla’s hand and helped her up the stair!

As I was watching this interaction, it came to mind that next year Charla will be the older girl. It will be Charla’s turn to see a smaller child at the park and want to make friends and teach that child how to play. I can’t wait to watch her make friends and explore relationships.


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