The Good and The Bad

September 9, 2010 mommytobeaver
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It’s been one of those days where things just burn me from the inside. Something happens or someone says something and I take it the wrong way. Or perhaps I take it the way they intended and it effects me more than it should. I think my emotions are a bit raw right now. I would love to go hide away somewhere for a few months, just me, Tim and Charla. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about…..anything really!

This weekend was wonderful. We got together with family and celebrated my dads birthday! It was so great to celebrate that this year since we almost didn’t get to. Charla had an absolute blast and showed off to anyone who would pay her attention. We stayed out late, which we hardly ever do, and Charla handled it like a champ. She even slept in the next day which was AMAZING!

Then Monday we got together with my brother and sister-in-law. The day was fine but something was off. I asked my mom today if she felt something was going on with sister-in-law and she said that she thought the process of trying for a baby was wearing her down. Seriously?! Ummmm, I’ve been trying for a year, sister-in-law has been on clomid for 3 months! So then I feel hurt and try to talk to Tim about it and he acts like I’m blowing things out of proportion. Maybe I am. Maybe I shouldn’t be so sensitive. But you know what? It hurts and it’s frustrating and some days I feel like no one understands, even though I know that’s not true. Some days I want to scream and yell at how unfair this last year has been for me and my family. But deep down I know that there has been wonderful times as well and we have been blessed with so much good sprinkled in amongst the bad. How can I possibly think that nothing good has happened to me lately?!

Anyway, Charla has been so funny lately! Here’s a conversation today that had me laughing:

We were all getting ready to go outside. I was getting Charla’s shoes on as Tim was heading out the door. Charla said, “No daddy go outside alone.” I said, “Daddy is just going outside to start draining the pool. Then we’ll meet him out there”. To which Charla replied, “Well, we no want Daddy to get lost”!

She is so cute and funny! So smart and thoughtful. She will make a super big sister one day!


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