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September 26, 2010 mommytobeaver
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Tim and I bought our condo 5 years ago. When we purchased it, it was supposed to be temporary. We thought we would be selling it the summer before our 5 year ARM was up. Well, that hasn’t happened and the way the economy is looking, we won’t be selling for a few years yet. The condo itself is small but nice. It’s a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. The living room is rather large but it is rectangular which can make it difficult to arrange furniture. Our kitchen is a bit on the small side, but workable. Tim had started doing a bit of remodeling on it the winter after Charla was born. He put a pass through in the wall dividing the living room and kitchen. This really opened the space up. Then he got laid off.

Ever since then we haven’t been able to afford any home improvements. Our condo was built in the late 70’s, so there are a few things which are outdated. The bathroom flooring needs to be redone and the counters in both the kitchen and bathroom should be replaced. The tile in the tub needs to be torn out. It has been frustrating to just sit here in a house that we’re really not all that pleased with but no money to make the necessary changes.

Finally though, we are starting to get back on our feet! We are slowly starting to pay off our debt. So, last night we went to Home Depot and picked out some wooden laminate flooring which Tim will install next weekend. It’s going to look beautiful! We also got Charla a new door for her bedroom because her current door sticks horribly. We will eventually be replacing all the doors in the house with new doors. The cupboards in the kitchen will be sanded and stained. The flooring in the bathroom will be replaced and I think I’m either going to paint the wooden vanity in there or take the doors off and hang fabric curtains.

I’m really hoping that by making these changes, I will be able to think of this place more like home. I didn’t really want to buy this condo, Tim did. Since it was supposed to be only temporary I agreed. It’s been a bit of a sore spot between us. Not that what happened is either of our faults, it just wasn’t what we had wanted. We had wanted to start our family here, move and then grow our family. It is time to stop moping about what isn’t and start dealing with what is.


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