Kitchen Remodel

October 6, 2010 mommytobeaver
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Tim installed our new kitchen floor on Saturday. The house was a complete disaster for two days. Having construction going on in my house drives me crazy! The new floor however, looks amazing. It is wooden laminate. Of course, whenever you start a project you run into a million other things you then want to take on. We plan on working on the kitchen for the rest of the year. After that, we are going to take on the bathroom. In the kitchen we are going to:

*Put a dishwasher in the closet. Right now, we have a mammoth of a dishwasher that gets rolled around. We want to permanently place a smaller dishwasher and, since we don’t have much cupboard space to begin with, the closet seems like a logical place.

*Paint the walls and cupboards. We have very nice wooden cupboards. So, instead of replacing them, we are going to paint them white. Since the walls of our kitchen are already a very light color, they are going to need brightening up so the room doesn’t look washed out. I picked out a lovely light blue color. Hopefully we’re going to get some painting done tonight after Charla’s in bed.

*Replace the hardware on the cupboards. Both the handles and the hinges need to go. They are outdated and I want silver instead of gold. We started shopping around to see what we could find. Nothing really jumped out at us yet. I want something simple but modern.

*Install a new sink and counter top. Our counter top is from the 70’s which means it is a lovely bright yellow (note the sarcasm). Tim wants to try painting it with an oil based paint and then going over it with a heavy duty clear coat. Supposedly this is supposed to look really neat. I have my doubts but will try it anyway. If I don’t like it, we’ll replace the counter and won’t be any worse for the wear. The sink we currently have is porcelain and very scratched and stained. I want a stainless steel sink.

*New back door. Our back door is old looking and it has a big deadbolt on it that doesn’t work anymore. I want to get a solid wooden door with panels.

I think that’s it! It looks like I’m going to be putting a few extra hours in at work!


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