Fall Fun and the Home Remodel

October 17, 2010 mommytobeaver
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Our kitchen remodel has begun! Tim got the laminate floor laid, took out the closet in the kitchen, installed a dishwasher in the closet space and is now adding the trim moulding! It looks amazing but oh boy, I can’t wait to have my kitchen back! We still need to paint the cabinets, replace the back door and install the recessed lighting. Slowly, we will get there slowly.

On Friday we took Charla to the pumpkin farm. We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and Charla got to pick her own pumpkin. It was so cute and she had a lot of fun. Then yesterday we went for a hike in the woods. This is something Tim and I used to do a lot of before having Charla. We would pack up our dogs and go hiking for hours. After Charla was born, we either didn’t have the time, the energy or perhaps both. Now that she’s older though, she can easily tag along. That is the one great thing about my child getting older, more flexibility!

The other day I noticed that Charla is cutting her first 2-year molar! I am always hearing horror stories about these teeth, so I was surprised to see one in there without her head having spun around for at least two weeks! I told her if her mouth hurt or she got a headache to tell me and I would give her medicine. So far though, she hasn’t said anything and life has gone on as normal (knock on wood!).

I have more to write but Charla is done with snack and wanting to play. Hopefully I will get some time to check back again tomorrow!


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