Past Thanksgivings

November 23, 2010 mommytobeaver
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I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just 2 days away and November is almost over. I remember Charla’s first Thanksgiving. She was only 6 months old. We went to my cousin’s house that year. I don’t remember what time of day we arrived but dinner was running late and Charla was getting tired and overstimulated. After trying to settle her for an hour, Tim and I packed up and left. We hadn’t even had a chance to eat! We came home and made frozen pizza. Charla had fallen asleep in the car on the ride home so of course was in a fabulous mood. I cried and cried. I was mad at Charla for being so fussy and mad at myself for failing as a parent.

Last year’s Thanksgiving was much better. We had dinner at my grandparent’s house that year. Charla was on one nap. We had a late lunch early dinner and then Charla slept for a couple of hours. She was in a good mood and by the end of the day was going by everyone.

I don’t know what I’m expecting this year. Charla won’t be having a nap. Even though she is still a good napper at home, there’s no way I’m going to be able to get her to sleep with so much activity going on around her. This may mean we will be leaving early although this definitely won’t be the first (or even second, third or fourth!) time she’s went without a nap.

She knows all of our family members now but is still apprehensive about going by some of them. She gets overstimulated relatively easily but at the same time she knows how to be the life of the party and center of attention. If she initiates contact, she’s fine. However, not all of my family members are patient enough to wait for her to come to them.

All in all, I hope it will be a fun and relaxing day. Holidays sure get easier the older your child gets!


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