It Still Amazes Me

December 1, 2010 mommytobeaver
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One of Charla’s favorite things to do when we go downstairs is look at her baby pictures. I have filled almost 4 albums in the last 2.5 years. Her favorite albums are the first two. I don’t think she realizes that the baby in all those pictures is her but she can identify everyone else. She’ll say “Papa’s holding a baby” or “Daddy’s holding a baby”.

As she sits on my lap, looking at those pictures with me, I find it so hard to believe how far she’s come from that little newborn. I think back to her first year and am so amazed that this walking, talking, little girl is the same creature. And that I made her! She is a part of me. That still blows my mind. There is something so amazing about looking at another human being, one that I love with my entire soul, and know that I helped create her.

She was the little person kicking me on the inside. She was the little person I worried over when I found out she had a two vessel umbilical cord. She was the little person nudging my ribs with her hard head. She was the little person growing inside me when I got those two lines on a home pregnancy test.


And every day she becomes more and more amazing to me.


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