Stocking Stuffers

December 9, 2010 mommytobeaver
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I remember being a kid and being nervously excited to see if St. Nick had come. In the morning, I would wake up to find if St. Nick had left me a present or a lump of coal. If there was a lump of coal, that meant that Santa would not be bringing me any gifts for Christmas. This meant that I had been “bad” that year. Of course, I never got a lump of coal. My stocking was always stuffed full of fun little things.

Sunday night, as I was putting Charla to bed, I told her about the coming of St. Nick. I told her that in the morning, she would find her Christmas sock either full of toys or full of coal. She was very excited about the prospect. After she was asleep, I went out to do a little shopping.

I’m a last minute kind of shopper. I am the kind of person who will go out a few days before Christmas and buy what I need. It’s not that I don’t enjoy shopping, I do. I procrastinate because I want to find the best gift for each and every person. I want to show that person how much I care. It’s not about the cost of the item, it’s the thought that went into selecting it.

Shopping for Charla is easy and she is my most favorite person to shop for. When she woke up Monday morning, her sock was bursting at the seams. The entire day was spent playing with her new toys. I can’t wait to see her on Christmas morning!


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