Snowy Days

December 10, 2010 mommytobeaver
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Winter in Wisconsin is cold and snowy. Some winters are more cold and snowy than others. The last few winters have been especially cold and snowy. The year I was pregnant with Charla, we reached record snowfalls. School was canceled so often that kids had to make it up a bit during the early part of summer vacation.

Before having Charla, I wasn’t a fan of the snow. I hate driving in it, hate shoveling it and hate tracking it into the house on my boots, hat, coat, etc. Even when Charla was born it was a nuisance. The first year it was almost impossible to get her outside the entire months of January and February. Last year, she was still too cautious with walking to be able to do anything fun outside.

This year, my appreciation of snow has changed. I love taking her outside and go for a walk, go sledding or throw some snow around. Tonight, all 3 of us took a walk in the snow. We’re due to get 3-4 inches tonight and when we went outside, the snow was coming down at a pretty good rate. After our walk, we played in the backyard. Then we came in for some hot chocolate.  Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to make it to a sledding hill.

On Saturday we are possibly going to get a snow storm of 12+ inches. After this storm, we could be facing some bitterly cold temperatures. So, I want to make the most of getting out before this hits. I think Saturday calls for some movies and cookie baking.


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