Thursday Afternoon Shopping Trip

December 17, 2010 mommytobeaver
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Tomorrow night is Charla’s very first Christmas Program. I decided to take her shopping this afternoon to find a cute Christmas outfit. The last 2 years, I had gotten her a pretty dress. This year, I didn’t want to spend $40 on something she was going to wear once, but I did want her to look cute.

First, we stopped at Target. I can usually find all sorts of cute things at Target, so I was very excited. Upon entering the store, Charla took off her mittens and hat and put them in the shopping cart. Okay, no big deal. We walked over to her section and I looked and looked and looked some more. I double backed and kept looking. I could not find a single thing that fit what I was searching for. Most of the Christmas dresses were short sleeved. Who ever heard of dressing your child in short sleeves when you live in WI and the high temperature for the day is 15F?!

I ended up leaving empty handed. As I was leaving, Charla wondered off. I parked the cart and went to retrieve her. When I turned around, I remembered that her hat and mittens were still in the cart. Well, someone had already taken it! I was not happy. Not only had my shopping trip been totally unproductive, but now I needed to shop for more than just a dress!

Our next stop was Kohls and I wasn’t too impressed there either. However, by then my patience was shot, we had been shopping for an hour and Charla hadn’t had a nap this afternoon! I grabbed a cute dress and a new hat and mittens.

Charla is very pleased with her dress. I tried it on her when we got home and she ran around the house saying she’s a princess. She will definitely look cute in her program tomorrow (as long as she doesn’t completely lose it on stage). And I learned a valuable lesson: hat and mittens always go in my purse when they are not on my child’s body!


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