Trip to the Park

March 31, 2011 mommytobeaver
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Spring finally feels like it’s creeping in. It’s been a long winter. March is one of those months that can either be really nice or still snowy and cold. This year, it was snowy and cold. Today’s high is going to be low 40’s. Today’s high last year was near 80. That’s nuts!

Charla has been asking to go to a park for a few weeks now. I kept telling her when the snow melted. We did end up losing most of our snow but then we got highs in the upper 20’s. Not exactly park weather. Finally, a few days ago, we made it to a park for the first time this year.

Last year Charla was still pretty timid around the equipment and I hovered. I was worried she was going to fall through the bars and go crashing to the ground. I was getting better near the end of summer. This year though, she is all over the equipment. She’s climbing the rock wall, going down slides, running over bridges and crawling through tunnels. She is also swinging on the big girl swings and demanding that I push her higher, while I keep reminding her to keep holding on and tell me when she’s done instead of just jump off. I guess I’m “one of those” parents.

We were supposed to go to a water park last weekend, but with Charla being sick and having a seizure we decided against it. Now though, I can’t wait to take her. Last year she was already going down the water slides in the kid’s area so I can just imagine what she can do this year!

It’s so much fun watching her grow up and learn new things. I thought I would be sad when the baby stage was over, but I’m not. I look back on those days with fondness, but these days are so much more fun. This summer is going to be amazing!


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