How the Sandbox Creates Friendships

April 13, 2011 mommytobeaver
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Ahhhh, another beautiful day out. I’ve been soaking up the vitamin D the last few days by spending as much time as possible outside. Charla has been swinging, playing in her sandbox and kicking balls around the yard. On Sunday, it was even warm enough for her to splash in her pool for a little while.

Yesterday I picked Charla up from school and took her to the park. On a normal day we come home and she goes down for nap 20 minutes later. It was nice to change up the routine and get some fresh air before nap. Then, she napped for 2 hours and I got an hour nap, so it was well worth it. I might take her to another park this afternoon because the next few days are going to be rainy.

I got to see first hand yesterday how Charla makes friends. It was so cute! The two neighbor girls were standing on the edge of our property and I could tell they wanted to come over and play. So, I told Charla if she wanted to play with those girls she should ask them to come over. She looked at them and said “do you want to play with me?”, it melted my heart. They ran over and spent the next 20 minutes digging in the sandbox together.

Charla is not quite 3 (next month) so her conversational skills were a bit lacking. She kept talking to me about the girls, like they weren’t there, but it was so cute. She showed them her shirt and her pink fingernails. And she helped fill up buckets with sand. When it was time to go have dinner she said “but I want to stay and play with my friends!”  I love watching her bud into a little girl.


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