House Hunting

April 15, 2011 mommytobeaver
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Over the last 6 months my parents have been looking for condos. They aren’t in a super hurry to leave their home, but neither want to do the yard work anymore and my mom would like to do laundry on the main floor. I’ve gone with them on a few viewings but nothing has jumped out to any of us.

Last night we went to another viewing. They’re looking for a 2 bedroom condo with an open concept and a quiet neighborhood. You wouldn’t think that would be so difficult to find with all the homes on the market today, but every condo we’ve gone to look at has something wrong with it. The one last night didn’t have central air, yard work and snow removal weren’t included and the laundry was in the garage (?!?!?!?!). There was also a window installed in the hallway with this fake flickering lamp thing. Apparently the little old lady who lived there had it installed because it reminded her of home. Sounds sweet, right? NO, that light was creepy! My dad liked it, but he was the only one!

On the plus side it had a private backyard, open concept, fireplace in the living room and lake access. It’s all check and balances but I’m pretty sure the yard work is going to put an end to that condo. Something keeps drawing my parents to it though because this was the second tour they took of it and they had the real estate agent come price their home.

I wonder if they want to downsize as much as they just want a change. Perhaps their home right now just feels too big with me and my brother gone. Maybe the last year has put a sour look over that home, with my dad’s heart attack and my mom suffering through severe back pain all summer long. Or, maybe they want to start off their retirement years in a quiet place of their own since there are quite a few young families around where they live now.

It will be hard to say goodbye to that house. My parents built it when I was just 1 year old. There are so many childhood memories there as well as adult memories. I wanted Charla to grow up with memories of that home. But I can’t be selfish about it either. I understand their need to move on. They are at a different time in their life and are looking for a home to reflect that. In the end, home will be wherever mom and dad are.


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