Overreactions: The Effect of Being Stuck Inside

April 28, 2011 mommytobeaver
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Nap time is becoming a thing of the past. It’s both frustrating and welcome. On days like today when it’s raining outside, I’m tired and there’s nothing we need to get done it is frustrating. During the weekend when we’re busy and don’t necessarily want to come home in the middle of the day to accommodate a nap it is welcome.

The one thing that absolutely drives me nuts though is the fact that Charla still pees in her diaper even if she doesn’t sleep. She’s been potty trained for over a year, since she was 21 months old. She still wears diapers during nap and bedtime because when she’s sleeping, she can’t seem to hold it yet. I get that and am never upset about it.

As a preface to the story I must say that as of today, we have been stuck in the house for 3 days due to rain. I’m tired, bored and just want a break. So, when Charla didn’t nap for the 5th day in a row (even though she’s been sick) and then peed in her diaper, which leaked, I got upset, overreacted and put her on a time out. Something so minimal in the grand scheme of things. Then I told her that whenever she peed in her diaper when she was awake, she was getting a time out. Maybe I just won’t put a diaper on her at nap anymore. She’s almost 3, she should be ok at naptime.

Anyway, to end on a positive note, the playset wood was delivered this morning so Tim and my dad are going to build it tomorrow afternoon. The weather is supposed to be sunny and almost 60, so I’m looking forward to getting out of the house. I need out so bad!


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