24 Hours Isn’t Enough

May 4, 2011 mommytobeaver
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We FINALLY got Charla’s playset built this past weekend. It was a long time coming and the weather refused to cooperate. It’s a good thing we did it last weekend because the it looks like another rainy weekend is coming up. Although today the sun is shining and it’s supposed to be 60F. I’m looking forward to that!

I’ve been doing some thinking lately about my last blog post and how I can focus more on myself. This is really hard for me because the way I see it, the more time I focus on myself the less time I have left to focus on other things. And there are so many other things; clean the house, feed the animals, play with Charla, work, and the list goes on. Finding that balance is very difficult for me. For example, I can spend a couple hours perfectly happily cleaning the house. However, then I feel bad that Charla spent all morning in school and I’m not doing anything with her in the afternoon. Or, reverse that scenario, and I play with Charla all day but my house looks horrendous. There simply isn’t enough hours in the day.

So now I want to try to add more into my day, more me time. Although I know I deserve it, it’s still hard. The first step in this process is going to revolve around food. I’m going to focus on making meals, dinner specifically. We don’t eat out much but, ever since Charla was born, I’ve relied on quick dinners (baked chicken breast, baked ham, baked fish, you get the idea). The meals are boring and they rotate continually throughout the weeks. I want to spice things up and find a few new, tasty recipes to add to the weekly menu. I want to actually spend a bit of time in the kitchen.

I’ve always enjoyed baking and I can tell by just dabbling in it during the last week, I’m going to enjoy hunting for new recipes and trying them out. My goal is to try 2 or 3 new dinners per week. By the end of the month, I should have a handful of dinners I can add to our biweekly rotation and the plain chicken can take a backseat.


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