May 15, 2011 mommytobeaver
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I can’t believe it. I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Charla is 3 years old. She’s been a part of my life for  3 years. On one hand it seems like these years have flown by. On the other hand, it feels like she’s always been here. I didn’t have this much trouble grasping her first or second birthdays, but this time is different. I feel like my baby is now grown into a child, basically overnight. How did this happen?!

I know she’s going to need me for quite a few years yet, but with her baby years behind her, I can feel our relationship changing. Where before I had played the role of nurturer, now I’m finding myself being more of a disciplinarian and playmate. Of course she still likes cuddling at the end of the day, but these cuddles aren’t what get her through the day. Now she needs me to help her work out right from wrong. She needs me to laugh at her jokes (this is a new thing, she sings silly songs and laughs and laughs at them). She needs me to push her in the swings and play hopscotch with her. As much as I miss holding her as a tiny baby, I like this change.

I look forward to this year. I’ve loved watching Charla grow and learn new things. I love teaching her about life and being with her while she explores on her own. This has got to be one of the best things about being a parent. I’m sure this year is going to be full of exciting new things.

Charla’s birthday party was amazing. The weather was gloomy and windy, but that didn’t matter. Family was gathered in the living room, presents were being opened and a good time was had by all. Now that these last two super busy weeks are over, I’m ready to look forward to summer fun. Swimming, vacations, parks, picnics – it’s going to be a good one!


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