May 23, 2011 mommytobeaver
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There is something about watching Charla run barefoot through the grass that screams “childhood”. Back when times were simpler and the only care in the world was if your friends were going to come over to play with you.

We kicked off the weekend Friday night with a bonfire. Charla had taken a nap so she was able to stay up a little later. I gave her a bath before going outside so she was running around in her pajamas. I set up her little camping chair and she would sit down for about 30 seconds before taking off to do something else.

Charla’s confidence in large motor activities has taken a steep climb ever since we built her playset. Now she is going up the slide, trying to flip upside down on her rings and laying on her swing to pretend she can fly. Even taking some minor tumbles hasn’t stopped her. It is so relieving to see her start to take an interest in trying new things. I feel like I can put some of my worries aside.

Yesterday was a summer-like day. We were outside almost the entire day. I love days like that and having a little girl just makes it all the better. I can dress her up in pretty sundresses and do her hair but at the end of the day she’s sweaty, greasy from sunscreen and covered with grass stains. And this is what being a kid is all about. I remember crawling into bed at the end of a busy day and falling asleep within seconds. These are the types of memories I want Charla to have. Barefoot in the grass, the sun shining on her face and popsicle juice running down her arm.


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