May 24, 2011 mommytobeaver

Tim and I bought a bird feeder two years back. We have a large maple tree in front of our house so we hung the feeder from one of the branches. Then we got a bird bath so after the birds eat they can clean up. We put that under our maple tree too. At first we were really good about keeping the feeder full of seed and the bird bath full of water. Then, we became not so good. We would fill the feeder maybe once per month. Otherwise it would hang empty. Poor birds. The bird bath basically got filled when it rained. We had a pair of doves that would come and hang out around the bird bath when it was full, but they lost interest pretty quick.

This spring Tim started showing an interest in the bird feeder again. He started filling it whenever it got low and the birds came back. Either they are new birds or birds are very forgiving when there is food around. Anyway, we decided to get a couple more feeders. We bought one of those shepherd’s poles with two hooks coming off on either side and bought two more bird feeders. More and more birds started coming around. Last week I saw an Indigo Bunting and he was gorgeous!

We visited my parent’s house last weekend. My dad is really into birds. He’s got 7 or 8 feeders around his yard. Each is filled with a different seed so he can attract different bird species. One of his feeders is filled with thistle seed and it attracts the most bright yellow finches you could possibly lay eyes on. Tim was also talking to him about hummingbirds. We had been considering a hummingbird feeder for awhile. Then, a few weeks ago, I actually saw a hummingbird flying (buzzing?) around our tulips, so we knew they were in the area. My dad gave Tim the recipe he uses to fill hummingbird feeders since the store bought red dye food gives hummingbirds canker sores. Sad!

After we left my parent’s house we went to pick up two new feeders. One for thistle seed and, of course, a hummingbird feeder. The thistle feeder has actually been pretty quiet. I’ve seen a pair of yellow finches, and let me just say it is not fair that the males get to be the bright yellow! But the hummingbird feeder, oh my gosh, that thing is hopping! It had been hung for less than 24 hours and I had already seen 3 hummingbirds. Yesterday I saw another 5-6, and that’s just while I was watching. Who knew hummingbirds swarmed my area?!


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