When Pooping Hurts

June 22, 2011 mommytobeaver

When Charla was a baby she had horrible gas problems. At first I thought the nipples on her bottles were to blame. I tried different speeds, different brands and different styles but nothing helped. I purchased all new bottles that were supposed to vent the air out the bottom. They helped a little bit but she was still pretty fussy in the afternoon and early evening. Finally, I switched her formula from a regular one to a more sensitive one. Within a day or two she was showing a lot of improvement.

At her 9 month check-up her doctor said we could start offering her dairy. She could start eating yogurt, cheese and even drink some milk. She loved all of it and seemed to be tolerating it okay. However, a few months later she started having constipation problems. I never put two and two together, until now. So much is changing with little ones that it’s hard to keep tabs on everything and if something could be causing something else.

Charla was potty trained at 21 months. By that time, whenever she pooped it was in the form of small pebbles. She drank plenty of water, ate plenty of fresh fruit and most of our grains are whole grain. So, I figured since she was pooping at least once per day, this was normal for her. I asked her doctor about it at her 2 year check-up and he said to give her Miralax. I gave it to her now and then when it seemed to bother her but, for the most part, life went on as normal.

Back in December, when Charla was 2.5 years old, her hard poop seemed to start bothering her more. She would go days at a time where all she would push out was a pebble or two. I started giving her the Miralax on a more consistent basis. Tim ended up going to the doctor for an ear infection and I asked him to mention this while he was there. The doctor told Tim the same thing he told me, keep giving her Miralax. Tim asked him how long she could have the Miralax and he said indefinitely. I kept giving it to her on an as needed basis but she was getting some a few times each month.

Last weekend I was talking to my parents about Charla’s ongoing bathroom habits and how it seems to getting worse still. We got to talking about dairy products. I had read somewhere that lactose intolerance or milk allergies could cause constipation. I never applied it to Charla though because she didn’t seem to have a reaction to the milk — no tummy aches or gas. After talking with my parents I did some research and found out that constipation may be the only symptom some children have.

After reading that I decided to do a little experiment. I purchased some lactose free milk and told her preschool no more dairy items. This started on Monday. I had given Charla some Miralax on Saturday and Sunday but by Monday she still had hard poo. On Tuesday, her second day with no lactose, she had two normal poos. Today she had a normal poo. I really really hope this is the answer to her chronic constipation. I know these last two days of normal poo could still be because she had Miralax this weekend, but I hope that’s not the case. She has suffered with this for long enough.

My next step will be to eliminate the lactose free milk and give her soy or rice since it could be the milk protein she’s reacting to. If this doesn’t help, it’s back to the doctor. And if he doesn’t help, it’s time to get a second opinion or a referral to an allergist. This cannot continue.


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